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TV2Mobile lets you watch live TV and listen to Radio on your mobile device, whether you're at home, on the Bus or Train, everywhere!

Below is some basic information on how to use TV2Mobile

Android Version up to 4.2.x [Flash needed, sorry 4.4 And Up]

You must be ONLINE in order to watch TV And/Or listen to Radio.

You MUST have Flash Player® installed on your Android device!

Never ever use while driving!


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Top Navigation Menu


Add To Favorites, Back, Refresh, Forward, Home, 3Dot

Side Action Menu (Overflow, 3 Dot)


Show Favorites, Like Us On Facebook, Check for Updates, About TV2Mobile, Exit (Quit the App).

Managing Favorites

Favorites will automatically be arranged in ABC order.

To remove stations from Favorite, press and hold on the station's name.

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